About Me

Hamed Kazemzadeh

I am a research officer on Politics, Pluralism, Peacebuilding, Conflict Prevention, and Governance in Eurasia and a Pluralist with a demonstrated history of working in the research and education industry. Born in Iran, Studying in EU, Living in Canada

“Freedom is indivisible; the chains on any one of my people were the chains on all of them, the chains on all of my people were the chains on me. To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.”

~ Nelson Mandela

My Experiences of Universal Human Rights
My understanding of Cultural Pluralism
The meaning of Pluralism

Researcher | Policy Analyst – Canadian Peacebuilding and Forien Policy

An experienced researcher and an innovative program officer, policy analyst, research project manager, with a proven track record of strategically guiding organizations and projects to reach improvements and goals. Adept in overseeing and leading the progress of operations in advancing applied research and projects on humanitarian, human rights, resiliencies, multiculturalism, anti-racism, international development, climate change, and peacebuilding in Eurasia. Experience working in Non-Profit Institutions, Think-Tanks, and Humanitarian – Human Rights Organizations on three different continents with excellent oral and written communication skills in English, Persian, Dari, Tajiki, Russian, and working knowledge of Arabic and French. 

Areas of Expertise

Financial Management and Budgeting

Leadership and HR Management

Applied Research and analysis skills

Peacebuilding and Conflict resolution

Islamic and Oriental Studies

Excellent Communicator and Humanitarian

Public, Foreign and strategic Policy

Financial Management and Budgeting

Pluralism and Human Rights Studies

Strategic Policy, Planning and Evaluation

Analytical Thinking Skills

Program, Project, Data and time Management

Educational Background

1. PhD in Orientalism: 2013 – 2018

University of Warsaw (UW), Oriental Studies Faculty – Ph.D. in English (Poland)

Link to Dissertation:


2. Master in Conflict Studies – Human Rights: 2018 – 2020 Post Graduate Program

University of Ottawa (uOttawa) – Saint Paul University (SPU), Faculty of Humanities – M.A in English (Canada)

3. Master in History of Islam: 2006 – March 2009 Post Graduate Program

University of Tehran (UT), Faculty of Literature & Humanities – M.A in Persian (Iran)

4. Bachelor in History: 2002 – August 2006 Undergraduate Program

University of Tehran (UT), Faculty of Literature & Humanities – B.A in Persian (Iran)

Current Career

Research Officer at Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project ACLED
(2020 – Current), District of Columbia, USA

• Conducted policy-oriented research in the areas of human rights, to meet the demands of data collection, analysis, and crisis mapping; • Drafted and contributed to a variety of reports, discussion notes, and concept notes on the violations of human rights in Canada and MENA.

Program Manager – International Analysis at Academic Club for Peace & Conflict Studies ACPCS
(2017 – 2020), Ottawa Canada

• Provided strategic direction and leadership to advance the research platform for the club’s engagement of policymakers and audiences on research products; • Oversaw, managed and developed junior personnel in the area of research and peacebuilding practices in the global implementation of human rights; • Used statistical analytics to provide the team with qualitative and quantitative data sources and information to provide partners to ensure successful multi-platform outputs research; • Supported and empowered researchers to work at their best by providing performance feedback, and facilitating development in Human Rights implementations with the cooperation of the Canadian Human Rights Commission; • Performed directly under the management board to establish and fulfill the goals of the Club, and to build strategic relationships with Canadian academic partners and donors to support programs; • Ensured DEI and ARAO principles and practices were integrated into all projects strategies and materials; • Contributed knowledge on exchange platforms with peacemakers-peacebuilders and human rights activists across Canadian institutions and managing the expenditures of the communications department and ensuring that all projects stayed within budget.

Policy Analyst – Conflict Barometer at Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research HIIK
(2018 – 2020) Heidelberg Germany

• Conducted policy-oriented research in the areas of peacemaking, peacebuilding, political accommodation, governance, and political processes, to meet the demands of context-specific and thematic teams for the 29th edition of the Conflict Barometer (next year conflict index – CoBa 2020); • Drafted and contributed to a variety of reports, discussion notes, and concept notes on the Syrian Civil War and co-working with Syrian Observatory for Human Rights; • Investigated levels of group-inequalities relations in the Global Arena.

Core Qualifications

  • Having a Ph.D. in Oriental Studies, an M.A in Conflict Studies and an M.A in History;
  • Nearly 10 years of working experience in advancing applied research;
  • Extensive research and analysis skills on the fields of political science, international development, peacebuilding, conflict studies, democratic governance, anti-racism, refugee policy, human rights, state-building, public and foreign policy;
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and to meet frequently occurring deadlines, teamwork and independently;
  • Computer Skills and superior proficiency with Microsoft applications;
  • Professional in project management, data management, data mining, data entry and verifying data, with a focus on collaboration and obtaining results;
  • Ability to assess potential issues from a foreign-affairs and international-relations approach;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in English, Persian, Tajiki, Russian, Dari, Arabic, and Ability to communicate with Turkish, and French;
  • Experience working across different cultures and regions, specializing in developing countries, such as Iran, Georgia, Russia, and Developed countries in the EU;
  • Ability to build and maintain permanent relationships with Canadian-international partners and donors;
  • Self-motivation, excellent communication, excellent interpersonal, strong management and organizational skills;
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