Conflict Studies and Pluralism: a theoretical-practical approach to conflict resolution

The academic field of conflict studies is relatively young, although the practice of conflict resolution is as old as mankind. Integrating knowledge from multiple disciplines, conflict studies have formed by the broad foundation of interdisciplinary theory, research, and practice and from time to time, we need to update theoretical and practical concepts in this field.Continue reading “Conflict Studies and Pluralism: a theoretical-practical approach to conflict resolution”

Pluralistic Approaches toward Peacebuilding in the Caucasus

The Caucasus has emerged as one of the most important regions for peace and security in Central Eurasia. The Caucasus contains a set of protracted conflicts that threaten regional stability and risk overspill beyond the region. High levels of military spending and mutual hostility between countries of the region as a result of the protractedContinue reading “Pluralistic Approaches toward Peacebuilding in the Caucasus”

Human Rights and Peacebuilding: Difficulties of Activists

Preventing wars and massive human rights violations, and rebuilding societies in their aftermath, requires an approach that incorporates the perspectives of both human rights advocates and conflict resolution practitioners. This is easier to assert than to achieve. These two groups make different assumptions, apply different methodologies, and have different institutional constraints. As a result, theyContinue reading “Human Rights and Peacebuilding: Difficulties of Activists”