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Current Job:

Researcher – Humanitarian and Human Rights in Conflict Zones   Sep. 2020 – Present

Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project ACLED (District of Columbia, USA)

  • Conducted policy-oriented research in the areas of humanitarian and human rights, to meet the demands of data collection, analysis, and crisis mapping;
  • Drafted and contributed to a variety of reports, discussion notes, and concept notes on the violations of human rights.

Policy Analyst – Conflict Barometer at Heidelberg Institute for International Conflict Research HIIK


  • Conducted policy-oriented research in the areas of peacemaking, peacebuilding, political accommodation, governance, and political processes, to meet the demands of context-specific and thematic teams for the 29th edition of the Conflict Barometer (next year conflict index – CoBa 2020);
  • Drafted and contributed to a variety of reports, discussion notes, and concept notes on the Syrian Civil War and co-working with Syrian Observatory for Human Rights;
  • Investigated levels of group-inequalities relations in the Global Arena.

Program Manager – Implementation of Humanitarian at Academic Club for Peace & Conflict Studies ACPCS

2017 – 2020

Worked directly with the management board to establish and fulfill the goals of the Club, and to build strategic relationships with Canadian academic partners and donors to support programs; Oversaw, managed and developed junior personnel in the area of research and peacebuilding practices; Used statistical analytics to provide the team with the qualitative and quantitative data sources and information to provide partners to ensure successful multi-platform outputs researches; Managed the expenditures of the communications department and ensured that all projects stay within budget; Provided strategic direction and leadership to advance the research platform for the club engagement of policymakers and audiences on research products;

Research Intern – Internship at Forum of Federations FOF


  • Validated results of experimental work on local governance, political pluralism, federalism, human rights violations, migration, and peacebuilding under close cooperation with the supervisors and senior manager;
  • Integrated research on a global network of federalism in East Africa and South Asia;
  • Collaborated research on how violation of human rights impacts development leadership & peacebuilding;
  • Authored policy briefs and managed qualitative and quantitative data sources about human rights in Yemen;
  • Developed and implemented communication strategies for the Forum in the case of Middle Eastern Peace and Human Rights Activists.

Adjunct Researcher – Oriental Religions & Freedom of Religions at Database of Religious History DRH – University of British Colombia

2018 – 2020

Assisted departments in publishing historical research; Provided information for bank data, educational publishers, historians; Managed research on the history of oriental religions by coordinating with the regional editors; Organized qualitative and quantitative data sources and the analyzes requirement for the main database;


Project Manager – ISSICEU Project at European External Action Service EEAS

2014 – 2017

Worked on intra- and inter-societal sources of instability in the Caucasus and EU opportunities to respond; Wrote and conducted policy brief for the EU Horizon 2020 on neighboring social influences and cultural pluralism approaches of Central Asian, Iranian, Turkish & Russian policies; Supported collaborative efforts to identify research questions and designing research initiatives; Prepared presentations and reports to support project implementation, senior policymakers and EU delegations;

Program Manager – Organizing & Mobilizing at Lech Walesa Institute Foundation – Nobel Peace Prize

2012 – 2014

• Promoted program of SOLIDARNI Z IRANEM as part of a mobilization of Iranian Human Rights Activists; • Used statistical analytics to provide the human rights activists with the best data to ensure a successful multi-platform studies campaign; • Modelled and implemented principles of anti-racism, anti-oppression, and gender equality in Poland by Social Media; • Supported and empowered Activists in the field and guided workload management; • Led team to develop compelling, motivational, and transformative ways for the foundation’s new and existing supporters to organize and mobilize for human rights change in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Policy Analyst – Global Peace Index at Institute for Economics & Peace IEP

2014 – 2015

Worked in the project ‘Vision of Humanity’ which is a guide to global peace and development; Published intelligent data-based global insight with articles and the latest research published for Global peace index 2014; Conducting virtual seminars and workshops, about global analysis for peace index; Collaborated with the program officer and senior manager to lead the development, execution, and evaluation of the Global Peace Index project;

Program Manager & Research Director at Caucasus Studies Institute CCSI – University of Tehran

2006 – 2013

Managed projects, identified key issues and assisted in the organization of the team’s work; Defined opportunities and developed relationship-building strategies and planned to generate donor loyalty; Planned and executed Annual Meeting and conferences; Coordinated with statewide and district partner campaigns for field humanitarian operations, peacebuilding, conflict prevention, migration and refugee policy, media, and peace dialogue in the Caucasus; Generated content for press releases, articles and important presentations along with providing strategic leadership to the creative team with day-to-day operational management; Used statistical analytics to provide the team with the best data to ensure a successful research platform;


Office Manager at International Centre for Dialogue Among Civilizations

2003 – 2006

Greeted and proactively assisted visitors in a timely manner; Guaranteed prompt delivery of incoming mail to appropriate recipients; Streamlined processes to effectively track, order, and maintain inventory; Developed positive relations with external vendors and clients; Managed executive calendars, strategically coordinating meetings, appointments, events, and travel arrangements; Planed, coordinated, and finalized details for travel arrangements and business development events;

Junior Strategic Planner at National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents Sampad

2002 – 2006

Developed new educational website, logo and annual appeal process for the Humanities Group; Represented school to educations as requested; Researched other successful associations to determine best practices; Reviewed and assessed the viability of the organizational structure; Crafted and presented proposals for the school including implementation timeline and resources required fro humanities; Managed databases, researched, developed and implemented effective updates and utilization strategies for teaching.

Associate Scholar at Institute of Cultural & Civilization Studies of Īrānshahr FTA

2005 – 2009

Assisted Publishing Dean with daily academic department requirements for editing; Scheduled and tracked appointments of the director; Assisted to prepare statistical reports as instructed by director; Assisted in hiring process of new research members and academic staff; Organized the conferences, publishing the books about the culture and historical civilization of greater Iran; Commended by the head professor for accuracy and communications skills;

Program Officer – Farabi International Award at Institute for Social and Cultural Studies

2011 – 2013

Supported to lead the multi-stage selection process, organizing the Award ceremony and other pre-events; Developed and implemented an alumni engagement strategy; Managed various selection committee meetings and reports to the international Jury; Prepared, monitored and reported on grant agreements with Award winners; Developed and coordinated in-kind support and engagement plan with Award winners;

Visiting Experience

2014, Jul – 2014, Oct

Institute of Humanities and Social Study the V. I. Abaev – Russian Academy of Sciences (North Ossetia – Russia) soigsi.com

2011, Oct – 2012, July

Institute of Caucasiology – Tbilisi Satate University (Tbilisi, Georgia) tsu.ge/en/faculties/humanities/institutes-and-centers/institutes/qnkvkgpujdplsfu51/

2011, Oct – 2012, Jan

International School for Caucasus Studies ISCS – Ilia State University (Tbilisi, Georgia) http://iliauni.edu.ge/en/iliauni/institutebi-451/kavkasiis-kvlevis-saertashoriso-skola-466

2010, Jun – 2010, Sep

Institute Of History, Archaeology & Ethnography – Russian Academy of Sciences (Dagestan, Russia) instituteofhistory.ru

2009, Jul – 2009, Sep

Aksam Turkish Think Tank (Ankara, Turkey) aksam.com.tr

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