My hobby is making documentary films on ethnography, human rights, religions and peoples and contribution on research advisory in historical cinematic movies and documentaries. Besides, I love to organize the film festivals and to be an advisor for documentaries and historical movies. You can see some of experience here:

World Humanitarian Day (2014)

Location: PHAP

Director: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Story of Human Rights (2011)

Location: USA

Adviser: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Documentray of Ashura in Meskinja Dagestan (2019)

Location: Dagestan, Russia

Director: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Documentary of ‘Manuscripts and Armed Conflict’ in North Caucasus (2014)

Location: Dagestan, Russia

Director: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Prof. Nuri Usmanov – Orientalist (2012)

Location: Dagestan, Russia

Director: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Documentary of ‘Shia Islam in Georgia’ (2017)

Location: Georgia

Adviser: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Documentary of Derbent (2016)

Location: Dagestan, Russia

Advisor: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Cinematic film: Muhammad – The Messenger of God (2015)

Location: Iran, India, Syria

Director: Majid Majidi

Consultant for Historical Sources: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Documentary of ‘Mithra & Cross’ (2015)

Location: Iran, Turkey, Caucasus

Director: Mohammad Moqaddam

Researcher and Advisor: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Nowruz 2020 – Ottawa

Artistic Director: Hamed Kazemzadeh

Sponsor: Ronak Association – Ottawa

As an Organizer:

  • The artistic director in the Iranian Film Festival of Warsaw, Poland (2017);

  • Organizer in Gamardżoba kino (Georgian Cinema), Warsaw, Poland (2016-18);

  • Organizer in Caucasus Student Film Festival of Malmo, Sweden (2016);

Caucasus Student Film Festival

  • Organizer in the Iranian Documentary Film Day, Tbilisi, Georgia (2011);

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